Andrew Ian Dodge > The Shaft

3 April 2007, posted by Tulu

A Deep Ones tale by Andrew Ian Dodge, one of the big-eyed folks at The Temple of Dagon, taking place right after the Norman invasion of 1066:

The Shaft

[...] Once we arrived in this flat land from across the sea our ranks grew at quite a goodly pace. There are some among our number with whom I have always been uneasy, for they are in truth an odd people with an unworldly look about them. Beloved by many in this town for their ability with fishing and the sea they seem to be unwilling to give answer as to what part of the Kingdom they call their home. When pressed I am merely told they come from a land at the far reaches of what I know. [...]

Other Cthulhu tales by Andrew can be found here.

> The Temple of Dagon

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Under Saturn’s One-Eyed Shadow

29 March 2007, posted by Tulu

Bizarre hexagon spotted in Saturn’s clouds

Freak One-Eyed Monster Storm Spotted on Saturn

> The Temple of Dagon

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An Exhibit Of Unspeakable Things: Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book

21 March 2007, posted by Tulu

La Maison d’Ailleurs, museum of science-fiction extraordinaire in Yverdon, Switzerland, is planning an art exhibition based on H. P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace Book [amazon], the notebook he maintained for recording ideas for future stories.

Detailed information on Monster Brains.

“An exhibition of unspeakable things” is an exhibition project of the Maison d’Ailleurs, Museum of science fiction (in Switzerland), based on a text by writer H. P. Lovecraft, the Commonplace Book. This work by Lovecraft, consisting of ideas to be developed at a later date, will be used as the basis for illustrations produced by brilliant comics authors/illustrators. The exhibition will present more than one hundred original works by artists whose only common ground is to be willing to embark on such a delirious journey.

The exhibition
“An exhibition of unspeakable things” will be presented on three floors at the Maison d’Ailleurs, from the end of October 2007 to April 2008. Each illustration will be presented along with the note from Lovecraft’s text that served as inspiration (original scenography will be designed in order to do so). As well, the Maison d’Ailleurs will display rare documents linked to H. P. Lovecraft (such as a hand-written postcard from the Museum’s collections) or are related to Lovecraft’s “universe”. The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society will be one of the exhibition partners. A viewing of the medium-length film “The Call of Cthulhu” [imdb] is planned. As well, it is highly probable that several writers will also contribute to the project.

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The Temple of Dagon reopens its Lovecraft Archive

18 March 2007, posted by Tulu

The Temple of Dagon just reopened it’s section of stories, poems and other writings by H. P. Lovecraft. A very nice load indeed:

The Lovecraft Archive

> The Temple of Dagon + Les Xénobiophiles

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Thom Brannan > Twilight

26 February 2007, posted by Tulu

Via The Temple of Dagon, here is a short story telling us how bad the Deep Ones‘ return from the sea could actually be:

Twilight, by Thom Brannan.

The siren song started, and all seven men turned to face the sea in the twilight. Silver, ever the calm one, took a step to the side to allow the six men to see unobstructed.

> The Temple of Dagon + Les Xénobiophiles

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