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3 April 2007, posted by Tulu

A Deep Ones tale by Andrew Ian Dodge, one of the big-eyed folks at The Temple of Dagon, taking place right after the Norman invasion of 1066:

The Shaft

[...] Once we arrived in this flat land from across the sea our ranks grew at quite a goodly pace. There are some among our number with whom I have always been uneasy, for they are in truth an odd people with an unworldly look about them. Beloved by many in this town for their ability with fishing and the sea they seem to be unwilling to give answer as to what part of the Kingdom they call their home. When pressed I am merely told they come from a land at the far reaches of what I know. [...]

Other Cthulhu tales by Andrew can be found here.

> The Temple of Dagon



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2 comments for “Andrew Ian Dodge > The Shaft”

  1. Andrew Ian Dodge

    This might just give you a snicker. I am a Lord of the Manor in a placed called Gorleston in Suffolk just south of Great Yarmouth. There is a bloke in the manor, who works on cars no less, with the orginal Anglicised spelling of my last name (Doidge). The Norman were a rather selacious lot it has be said as my last name is Norman for breast.

  2. Tulu

    Is the Gorleston Library hiding any putrid/gooey secrets amongst its shelves? If it is the case, I might just move over.