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Cthulhu Crop Circle

8 June 2009, posted by Tulu

Cthulhu Crop Circle in Waylands Smithy, near Kingstone Coombs, Oxfordshire, UK. Reported 29th May:


More pics here.

Cthulhu Goatse – The Ultimate Horror

6 June 2009, posted by Tulu

The ultimate NSFW horror. I present you the Cthulhu Goatse (I know it’s old…):


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Cthulhu Lemon

15 February 2008, posted by Tulu

Cthulhu Lemon
Photo © stevelewalready, 2003

Did Cthulhu Loose His Head in a Damp Swamp?

6 October 2007, posted by Tulu

Cthulhu's Head?

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Yet Another Jolly Female Cultist

6 October 2007, posted by Tulu


> Chris Perridas: H. P. Lovecraft & His Legacy

Cthulhu rises on Japanese TV

4 September 2007, posted by Tulu

Dear fellow cultists, now you too can rise your own Cthulhu out of a miniature R’lyeh sunken in a bowl of water and cornstarch:

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Subaquatic Minions

24 August 2007, posted by Tulu

Teuthowenia pellucida
Teuthowenia pellucida

Glass squid
Glass squid

More cthulhoid creatures over at lll.

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Cthulhoid mandala

22 June 2007, posted by Tulu

It seems that there still are real hardcore cultists out there!

Sand squid

> Table of Malcontents

Loch Ness hosting a lost Minion?

1 June 2007, posted by Tulu

Is this a lost minion this heavy accented cultist seems to have filmed in Loch Ness a few days ago?

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It’s aliiiive!

27 April 2007, posted by Tulu

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

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