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My Little Cthulhu Cutouts

3 May 2009, posted by Tulu

We had a bit of weekend fun with my 4 year old, who strangely seems to be addicted to “Kastulu“:



You too can turn your little ones into early cultists by using these great My Little Cthulhu cutouts.

> Moe Lane

The Eben Brooks Band’s Hey There Cthulhu

15 April 2009, posted by Tulu

A poignant ode to Cthulhu, full of insane love and madly cute, by The Eben Brooks Band:

Live and vibrant


Camo Cthulhu

14 April 2009, posted by Tulu

The Wayward Flame-Haired Kitten crochetted this sweet camouflage Cthulhu:



Here are few more of this feverish cultist’s works.

Cthampbell’s Soup

10 April 2009, posted by Tulu

More cultist-only fun with this delicious, yet utopian, design:


Cthampbell's tshirt

> Sergey Steblina

Iä, Iä, Cthlulhu Fhtagn!

10 April 2009, posted by Tulu

True cultist stuff. Only for the strong harcore ones:

> Schizodoxe

Ray Caesar’s Somewhat Tentacular Works

27 June 2008, posted by Tulu

Deliciously victorian lolita horror tentacle art by Ray Caesar, found via the ever amazing Suzanne G. – Giving Taste A Bad Name Since Kindergarten (swiss? woohoo.) blog:








Wurzeltod is the best blog name ever. After lll.

O Yog Sothoth

20 December 2007, posted by Tulu

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O Yog Sothoth

O Yog Sothoth, O Yog Sothoth,
We worship you, O Yog Sothoth.
Who’s Santa Claus, who’s Jesus Christ?
We worship Yog ’cause he’s not nice.

We’ll celebrate with some stray dog,
Which we’ll carve up and serve to Yog.
O Yog Sothoth, O Yog Sothoth…
We beg you, do not eat us.

> In Tenebris Scriptus

Cthristhmas Cthulhu

26 November 2007, posted by Tulu

Cthristhmas Cthulhu

> my [confined] space


23 November 2007, posted by Tulu

© cleodee

© cleodee

More holy year-end squids over here.

> Needcoffee

Yet Another Jolly Female Cultist

6 October 2007, posted by Tulu


> Chris Perridas: H. P. Lovecraft & His Legacy